Bruissements du Cercle 3

Co-directed by Gabriel Dharmoo and Solomiya Moroz, the concert series Bruissements du Cercle promotes contemporary, electroacoustic and improvised music at ESPACE CERCLE CARRÉ. The concerts bring together musicians from diverse backgrounds, means and aesthetics with a common goal to present new and stimulating music.

BRUISSEMENTS DU CERCLE 3 / October 24, 2012
Tribute Edition for John Cage Centennial

This third edition of Bruissements du Cercle series pays tribute to the illustrious iconoclast composer of the American avant-garde, John Cage (1912-1992). His eclectic compositional choices in instrumentation, use of electoacoustic and amplified instruments, eastern philosophies and chance compositions have revolutionized the music of his time leaving a rich heritage and body of work, one hundred years after his birth.

The co-directors of the series, Gabriel Dharmoo and Solomiya Moroz, will share the event with Diego Espinosa (percussion), James O'Callaghan (electronics) and Katelyn Clark (toy piano) to interpret Cage's Water Walk, Aria and Fontana Mix, Suite for Toy Piano and Variations as well as a composition by Solomiya Moroz, Toy Memory, a graphic score re-imagined for the event with elements of choice composition. Also performance artist, Michelle Lacombe will reinterpret different works from Fluxus movement, an artistic movement from the 60s that was largely influenced by John Cage and his philosophies, adding to the rich heritage of Cage's legendary contributions highlighted during this evening.


Audience Piece No. 10 (1965), Ben Vautier >>> Michelle Lacombe (performance art)

Suite for Toy Piano (1948), John Cage >>> Katelyn Clark (toy piano)

Water Walk (1959), John Cage >>> Diego Espinosa (percussion)

Aktual Clothes (1965), Milan Knizak >>> Michelle Lacombe (performance art)

zin lye (2006), Erik km Clark >>> Katelyn Clark (toy piano)

#252, Bob Lens >>> Michelle Lacombe (performance art)

Aria + Fontana Mix (1958), John Cage >>> Gabriel Dharmoo (voice) et James O'Callaghan (electro)

Toy Memory (2012), Solomiya Moroz >>> Solomiya Moroz (flute) et Katelyn Clark (toy piano)

Lighting Piece (1955), Yoko Ono >>> Michelle Lacombe (performance art)

Improvisation + Boundary Music (1963), Mieko Shiomi >>> Tutti