Joker / Noise Choir

Founded in 2012 and directed by Joane Hétu, Joker is an a cappella choir comprising a dozen vocalists. This unconventional vocal ensemble explores vocal texture and timbre; rhythmic motifs; sound poetry; and 'unmusical' sounds like breath, babbling, and mouth noise. Joker is invested in marginal sounds, peripheral territories, and the spaces between the tones of conventional choir singing, and does so not through established repertoire, but by inventing its own language to suit. Joane Hétu guides the singers through improvisations and aleatoric music with a variety of conducting gestures, while leaving considerable space for the interpreters' imagination.

With (depending on the projects): Joane Hétu (direction) • Marie-Neige Besner • Isaiah Ceccarelli • Manon De Pauw • Jean Derome • Gabriel Dharmoo • Géraldine Eguiluz • Éric Forget • Lori Freedman • Michel F Côté • Susanna Hood • Kathy Kennedy • Diane Labrosse • Elizabeth Lima • Danielle Palardy Roger • Alexandre St-Onge • Ida Toninato

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