Moondraal Moondru

for chamber orchestra (15 musicians)__18'__2010


Moondraal Moondru: The Tamil title, which can be translated to Thrice Three, refers to the formal structure of the piece; 3 times 3 types of sections:

1. Trio bois (Woodwind Trio): Trio for flute, oboe and clarinet.

2. Korvaigal: Different arithmetic rhythmical constructions are superimposed, at different speeds

3. Shatabdi Express: A train halt between Chennai and Mysore. Women are singing in a nearby coach. A train goes by. Vendors chant their slogans.

4. Trio carillon (Chime Trio): Trio for glockenspiel, xylophone and piano.

5. a) Koodiyattam Beats: Rhytmical section evoking the percussion instruments, namely the mizhâvu (copper drum) and the kuzhithalam (small cymbal) which accompany koodiyattam, a traditional form of danced theatre from the state of Kerala.

6. a) Agonizing Dhuryodhana: Nocturnal koodiyattam performance. An exceprt from the Mahabharata. Dhuryodhana in full agony.

5. b) / 6. b) Besant Nagar Dogs: After the performances, the koodiyattam beats persist in my memory. 4 am. Dogs are barking. Not a single rickshaw in sight.

7. Stumbling Konokol: Rhytmical section inspired by short phrases of beginners konokol (vocal percussion technique)

8. Trio cuivres (Brass Trio): Trio for trumpet, horn and trombone.

9. Dasaswamedh Ghat: Varanasi, holy city, evening pooja on the Ganges


May 18, 2013 VANCOUVER (Canada) Symphony at the Annex: Stream of Consciousness / Orpheum Annex
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bramwell Tovey

June 3, 2010 MONTRÉAL (Canada) Ragamalika, Carte blanche à Gabriel Dharmoo / Salle de concert du Conservatoire de musique de Montréal WORLD PREMIERE
Ensemble Chorum, conducted by Jean-Michel Malouf


Commissioned by Ensemble Chorum, for the "Ragamalika, carte blanche à Gabriel Dharmoo" project