A story of the sea

Every glistening crystal of ALCYON sea salt tells a story. A story of the wild yet pristine waters of Les Îles de la Madeleine. A story of a local family who set out to capture the essence of this mythical place by creating a salt like no other. A superior-quality seasoning so pure and unique, it brings the tides from where it came to life with every dish it touches. A story of the sea that elevates everything.

ALCYON comes from the fresh waters surrounding the stunning Îles de la Madeleine archipelago. It comes from a hand-harvested, environmentally-conscious evaporation process that respects the environment. And it comes from the dream of one local family, who wanted to honour the sea and the community they love by creating a pure and simple salt that tastes like home.

From the sea, pure and simple.

Hand-harvested using an environmentally-conscious evaporation method, ALCYON is 100% pure with no preservatives. Its crystals are crisp yet melt in the mouth—an ideal texture that comes from combining the perfect balance of time and temperature during the manufacturing process.

Produced in small batches for unmatched quality, ALCYON enhances the flavour and deliciousness of every dish. A pure and simple sea salt made with love, from our tides to your table.

our origin

The pure taste of a special place

ALCYON is a family-run company founded by the Arseneau couple and their two daughters. A family with deep roots in the Îles de la Madeleine community.

Inspired by their beautiful archipelago, they wanted to create something that would celebrate the place they love. And so the family set itself a challenge: to create a natural, top-quality sea salt that combines sustainable methods and superior taste.

ALCYON was named after the Arseneau fishing boat.

Paying tribute to generations of family marine adventures.

It’s also inspired by the name of a mythical bird believed to signal good weather and calm seas.

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